We're a service company that combines decades of safety expertise on major infrastructure projects across the globe with state of the art video production craftsmanship. We offer our clients capabilities that are unmatched in the safety service sector.  We work with one client at a time to provide the highest level of service and guarantee their complete satisfaction.


JC Gomez

Juan Carlos “JC” Gomez has over 20 years of experience working in the construction industry on major infrastructure projects of over half a billion dollars for large multi-nationals like Siemens, Isolux, and Mastec, to name a few. That experience taught him that when properly integrated in the early stages of a project a safety program that works in close co-ordination with the HR, procurement and quality control departments is a great investment that will realize substantial returns by minimizing risk in all areas.


JC has a degree in engineering from UOA Columbia, and a Bachelor's in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University.  His ardent pursuit of achieving the highest standards in construction safety has included an intense study of the field, extensive course work and numerous certifications.  All of this has lead him to the conclusion that the best safety on site is always the result of proper training.  The type of training, reinforcement and accessibility that can only be achieved through video.  That is what lead him to search out the best possible collaborators for producing a broad range of safety media which lead to the genesis of Superior Safety Media.

JD Freedman

JD Freedman is an award-winning filmmaker with over 20 years of experience.  He has produced numerous business and educational productions from multi-million dollar news and technology shows that appeared on PBS and CNBC to documentaries and corporate media to technical videos for Harvard/Mass General Hospital and the National Institute of Health.  He enjoys staying on the cutting edge of technology in this constantly evolving field.  He is always exploring how new devices or approaches can help to create a better end result. He has an active lifestyle and has shot on many remote and challenging locations in over 20 countries around the world.


JD fell in love with media production in his early teens. He attended film school at Northwestern University and the University of Southern California and has a degree in Film and TV production.  He is a “tech junkie” and lifetime student.  He loves immersing himself in each new subject so that he can present his client's message in a concise, comprehensive and entertaining fashion.

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